Conquer the Anguish of Vaginal Tightening

tight vaginaThe comfort in your sexual life reflects largely on your health and well being. Often hushed as a taboo or an uncomfortable topic, this important aspect of a mature relationship, often goes neglected. With women especially, topics like vaginal tightening stir an uncomfortable wave. However, it is necessary to know what causes vaginal laxity and how you can overcome it to lead a health sexual life.


What Causes Vaginal Laxity?

Contrary to popular myth, vaginal laxity is not the effect of regular sexual intercourse. There are many biological processes and changes that a woman’s body undergoes leading to a loosening of the vaginal wall.

  • The most common reason for this is multiple childbirths. Due to dilation of the vaginal wall more than once, there may be increased elasticity in the tissues lining it resulting in loosening.
  • In case of a pelvic organ prolapse such as the dropping of the bladder, rectum or the uterus, stretching of the wall may be caused. This also leads to vaginal loosening in a lot of women.
  • In many cases, vaginal loosening is the result of aging that makes the tissues lining the vaginal wall loose.


Other Effects of Vaginal Laxity

Besides being a physical condition, vaginal laxity is also the cause for a lot of psychological distress in women above 35. This is a problem that is not easy to discuss and therefore, becomes a suppressed condition in most women.

The inability to have a satisfying sexual relationship with one’s partner does lead to lot of anxiety and distress for both partners. In addition to that, many women experience a significant slump in their confidence levels because of their troubled sex life.


Vaginal Tightening Treatments

Since the most common location of the loosening is the introitus. Therefore, muscle engaging exercises like Kegel exercises and pelvic floor therapy are recommended. These exercises help restore the natural elasticity of the vaginal wall. The most popular commercial product available currently is V-Tight Gel which many women across the globe have found extremely helpful.

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In very acute cases, surgeons may recommend surgery to help cure vaginal laxity. Surgery, however, is the last option as it increases the risk of infection and permanent damage. Besides that, this is a very expensive option in comparison to other effective corrective measures.

Very effective in vaginal tightening is one revolutionary products, V-tight gel that is completely natural vaginal tightening gel to help you notice the difference within moments of application. This gel is extremely effective as they provide firmness and tightness to the vaginal wall and keep it supple.

This vaginal tightening gel also act as secondary treatments to problems like vaginal dryness which also results in extreme discomfort during sexual intercourse. The ingredients used are completely natural and are, therefore, mild and extremely safe to use in intimate areas.


When should you opt for Vaginal Tightness Treatments?

If you observe the following symptoms, you may consider vaginal tightness treatments:

  • Inability to feel aroused soon
  • Size of the vagina wider than the diameter of the index finger.
  • Reduced Stimulation of the vaginal walls and prolonged dryness of the vagina.
  • Inability to achieve powerful orgasms.
  • Unsatisfying sexual intercourse.

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When you experience one or more of the above symptoms, you must consult your doctor and choose an effective program.


Although vaginal tightening is embarrassing for most women, it is important to discuss this condition with your OB/GYN to look for the best solution. A condition that is easily reversible should not be neglected because of the communication discomfort that it causes.


After all, a woman irrespective of her age and life situation deserves the pleasures of a healthy sex life.